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Carpet Cleaning

Expert is first when it comes to cleaning carpet!


Here at Expert Carpet Cleaning, we use the best in modern cleaning technology. We offer the best and most efficient cleaning method when it comes to cleaning carpets, truck-mounted hot water extraction. Hot water extraction, otherwise known as the steam cleaning method, is the #1 rated carpet cleaning method and is recommended by all major carpet manufacturers. 


When we show up to your home or business, we bring a $70k truck-mounted unit made for cleaning carpets. These truck-mounted units provide 20x the power of a store-bought portable machine. The vacuum system's suction is strong enough to lift a bowling ball, providing the most thorough clean to every inch of your carpet fiber - even the back! 


For over 66 years, Expert Carpet Cleaning has been dedicated to providing you with a clean and safe living environment! Our main goal is to restore the health to your home and leave you 100% satisfied! 

Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

  • Healthy safe living environment. Maintaining a healthy home requires professional carpet cleaning on a regular basis, either twice a year or every six months is recommended. With our steam cleaning method, our temperatures can reach up to over 200 degrees, which is hot enough to kill household bacteria and allergens that live in the carpet and your upholstery. 

  • Extend the Life of Your Carpet. It is proven with our steam cleaning method that the life of your carpet will be extended by 50%, that's why it is important to be on a proper maintenance schedule!

  • Peace of Mind. After having your carpets cleaned you will feel refreshed and can breathe easy knowing that you are living in a healthy and safe environment!

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